Global Partnership Program

We build fully open payment platform, and work closely with the IT community. Join us in building your own payment applications for your clients.

We believe that all services and goods from millions of businesses soon will be delivered to customers in one click from anywhere in the world. This new e-commerce landscape requires great payment technologies in order to scale - and to scale globally.
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Let's build them together!

Doing Business Together

Create and improve your products with the help of our payment APIs
You can fulfill your client's needs: online lending, p2p platforms, marketplaces, and much more.
We split earnings with our partners. Many currently earn more than $5K monthly.
Our platform is fully PCI DSS compliant. White-label solutions can be built on our platform without worrying about safety.

Great API Functionality

Additional Revenue

Security and Reliability

Your Developers Will Be Happy

Mandarin minimizes the payment code on your side and helps to scale easily. Integrating our simple and flexible API will save you time and money. You can focus on more important things, such as developing your products.
Use our ready-made libraries. There is no need to write code from scratch.
Our detailed documentation, step-by-step manuals and ready examples makes integration quick and simple.
Our technical support is ready to answer any of your questions and provide assistance.

All types of transactions in one API

Instant global moneysend for thousands of clients with banking cards and e-wallets.

Mass Payouts

B2B & C2C Transactions

Unique opportunity to automate a marketplace/platform or to build your own escrow service.
Payments with bank cards and e-wallets (Apple, Google).

Online Payments

Great Conversion

Mandarin™ is developed to increase payment conversion. Built-in payment forms, no re-directs, one-click payments, and white-label integrations will help you maximize conversion rates.
Let's build amazing payment products together!
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Mandarin is an IT-platform that provides information services for financial institutions in order to serve business-clients. Only licensed financial institutions work with Mandarin platform as payment providers or lenders in POS-financing transactions. Mandarin is not a financial institution, doesn't hold or transfer clients' money and provides only information exchange between businesses and financial institutions connected to the platform.
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